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can·vassed, can·vass·ing, can·vass·es. v.tr. 1. To examine carefully or discuss thoroughly; scrutinize: "The evidence had been repeatedly canvassed in American courts" (Anthony Lewis). 2. a.

I canvassed the area

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1 : to go through (a district) or go to (persons) in order to solicit orders or political support or to determine opinions or sentiments canvass voters canvassed the neighborhood to solicit magazine subscriptions. 2 a : to examine in detail specifically : to examine (votes) officially for authenticity. This could refer to a building, a street, or any other aspect of how your canvassing area is laid out. One easy way to keep track of where the doors you’ve knocked and where you’re knocking next? The pin-dropping feature in SPOTIO’s door to door canvassing software is where this magic happens. You’ll have easy access to a visual representation of where you’ve been and where you’re going next.

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If you canvass for a particular person or political party, you go around an area trying to persuade people to vote for that person or party. I'm canvassing for the Conservative Party.

Tarsier Conservation Area - 18,15 km We canvassed 2 to 3 hotels around a budget of less than 1000 pesos a night and all the choices we had were terrible.

I canvassed the area

He canvassed people for help to claim his due. I have canvassed people on behalf of Democratic candidates. Last year I canvassed to get a governor elected.

Carolina counties with the dates canvassed, a historical preface by the author,  Old Time from other genres of fiddle music, there is also area of overlap. There is a persistent idea, widely canvassed in a sensational genre of literature,  Upon receiving notice, he resigned as judge and canvassed the state, but the to the area, David Wilmot was one of the persons who nearly had him mobbed. av P Berg · Citerat av 2 — 7 The name of the geographical area, the local school district, specific The District canvassed for participants through traditional and more untraditional. from the terrace where the canvassed rails match the tone of a noble wood: on request; Desk/work area; Dataports; Room service 12:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. 1975 Argosy Remodel - dining area before and after Paint before and after Photo Gallery.
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"Iran, China Sign Economic, Security Agreement, Challenging U.S. Pressure," at 1:42 p.m. ET, incorrectly said she was a fellow with The Century Foundation.

Instead of entering data at the end of the day, household-by-household, you will be able to simply commit the  Within this framework you, as Electoral Registration Officer (ERO), will need to make a number of decisions, helping you to determine the most appropriate  An active and well-organized voter contact effort can build stronger relationships between candidates or political parties and the voters they want to support them  Jan 23, 2021 Long Beach police were called to the alley behind the 1400 block of Elm Avenue about 2:40 p.m. and found Egary Baide lying in the alley  The Dashboard may be the first thing you will see when you log into Canvas. You can also access your dashboard at any time by clicking the 'University of  Sep 16, 2013 Canvassing sparsely populated areas presents a unique set of grassroots challenges.
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Canvass definition, to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions, or the like from. See more.

2. a.

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An active and well-organized voter contact effort can build stronger relationships between candidates or political parties and the voters they want to support them 

2 dagar sedan · Police canvassed the area, calling in a K-9 unit, and found Kegley, who was taken into custody on the 1100 block of Iron Bark Court just after 9 a.m. 1 dag sedan · Nassau County Police said three people were shot at a Stop and Shop supermarket in West Hempstead, New York, on Tuesday morning, April 20, and said a person of interest was still at large.Officials confirmed one person was killed and two others were injured after several shots were fired around 11:20 am Tuesday.

Canvass definition, to solicit votes, subscriptions, opinions, or the like from. See more.

Its main definitions are (1) to examine carefully or discuss thoroughly, (2) to go through an area to solicit votes, and (3) to conduct a survey. Advertisement. The investigation team will canvass the area to see whether there were any witnesses to the crash. Canvass Used as a Noun Nowadays, "canvass" is used as a noun to denote the processes above. For example: Did your canvass of the local area succeed in determining the support for the bypass? I heard Joan's canvass was postponed due to the storm. : to talk to the people in an area in order to get them to support a candidate, project, idea, etc.

1. verb.